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Kerala Advertising Industries Association(KAIA) was found in 1990, by a group of Outdoor Advertising business leaders concerned to develop and maintain standard of Outdoor Advertising in Kerala and to promote and work for economic , social and cultural welfare and development among the members. To date the KAIA has more than 500 Members . It has a state Committee & 12 Districts committees. KAIA is Associated with IOAA (Indian Outdoor Advertising Association).

To realize our vision requires reaching long and short term objectives. Toward that end,


  • To develop and promote ethical standards for the guidance of its members in their relationship with each other and the general public;

  • To organize fund raising programs for the development and welfare of the Association and their business

  • To educate and create greater awareness among policymakers and the general public on the value and benefit of the outdoor medium.

  • To create goodwill between the outdoor medium and the communities to which our members serve.

  • To organize projects and programmers for the rehabilitation of the members and their families.

  • To regulate and control the practice of Outdoor Advertising in conformity with statutory and Industry guidelines.

  • To develop a vigilant, informed and active Membership which is conscious of its rights, interests and obligations and alive to its professional responsibilities and to maintain an effective safeguard against abuse.

  • To protect the interest of the Outdoor Advertising against any discriminatory or repressive Legislation and wanton destruction.

  • To establish and promote job training centres and to create suitable job opportunities for those members who became unemployed or incapacitated.

  • To provide a forum for dispute settlement / resolution between members or between members and other parties.

  • To co-operate with other bodies and Associations in furtherance of mutual interests.

  • To propose, promote and support any Legislation or subsidiary Legislation deemed to be in the interest of the Outdoor Advertising Industry and Members of the Association.

  • To encourage fair competition and creativity in design / construction with a view to bringing out the best concepts and ideas in Outdoor Displays

  • To promote and sustain the recognition of the Association as the only competent body to determine the competence of Outdoor Advertising Companies in Kerala.

  • To conduct seminars and conferences and organize fairs, exhibitions and similar activities.

  • To accept and make gift, donations, awards or benefactions from and to individuals , institutions , organisations & government.

State Committee Members

Name FirmDesignationContact No.Mail ID
Mr.Varghese ThomasCenturyState president9847053316[email protected]
Mr.Sayed AkberArc mediaState secretary9447012303[email protected]
Mr.GireeshNovaState Treasurer9539000640[email protected]
Mr.Razi.SR CreationsNorth Zone- Secretary9388 700649[email protected]
Mr. KrishnakumarsarayucommunicationsSouth Zone - Secretary9744955881[email protected]
Mr.Ravi SangamithraSangamithraCenteral Zone- Secretary9447221606[email protected]
Mr.Ramesh BabuLidsCeteral zone- Vice President9447278927[email protected]
Mr.Jacob JohnAdapt OutdoorSouth Zone- Vice President9847488999[email protected]
Mr.BhaskarenBhasker ArtsNorth Zone- Vice President 9447219644