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Out-of-home advertising

Out-of-home advertising (also referred to as OOH) is essentially all type of advertising that tries to reach the consumer while he is "outside of the home". Be it while travelling in the metro to reach office or while taking a coffee break. OOH is ubiquitous; on or in bus, taxi, railway station, airport, mall, retail store, road, club and scores of other touch points. OOH is everywhere where you are. It is the medium that reaches active consumers where they are most available to take notice i.e. out of their homes.

Cost Effective:Outdoor advertising is the most cost effective form of advertising available. Many of our billboard programs cost less than one penny per thousand people that see your message. Compare that to traditional forms of media.

You can't Escape it: (People are spending more and more time in their travelling. . Billboards are the only media that drivers and passengers cannot escape. Unlike any other medium, you don't have to "turn it on", "tune in", "dial it up" or "turn over the page" to see it.

Constant Exposure: Billboards are viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by billions of different people

Unlimited Design Possibilities : limited only by your imagination

Ease Of Access: Easy to plan & buy a campaign suited to a product or service

Speed: Quick production, low costs

Sight: Dramatic size, color & hard to ignore

Flexibility: Outdoor gives you the ability to pinpoint the geographic area that you would like to target

Impact: Outdoor is big, bold, colourful and most importantly memorable.

Impulse Buying: A significant amount of shopping occurs on the way home from work. Consumers report these purchases are contemplated during the day and on the way home. As such, outdoor advertising is vital to impact shopping and purchasing on the way home from work. Capture this market before your competition does. .

If you are looking for advertising that costs less per thousand viewers than any other medium, outdoor advertising is the one for you. Can’t believe it? Check out these media cost comparisons.

According to International Studies OUTDOOR GIVES YOU:

Television:Over 3 times as many prospect impressions per dollar.

Radio:About 3.3 times the prospect impressions per dollar.

Magazines:Over 5.5 times as many prospect impressions per dollar.

Newspapers:Over 6.6 times as many prospect impressions per dollar.

Direct Mail: About 10.3 times more impressions.

Outdoor Advertising is one of the most cost effective media formats.

The CPM for outdoor advertising is historically one of the lowest - second only to radio. What does that mean for advertisers? Reach more people, with less money. Pretty simple right?

(Source: Outdoor Advertising Association of America, 2011)


Out of home is one of the most memorable media

Consumers are aware of out of home. As they move through their daily lives they take note of the advertising they see. This graph shows the rate at which consumers reported being exposed to particular media.

(Source: Outdoor Media Center, "The Customer Journey", 2012)